Features & Specs

8 ft. standard model – AG821

3 bars with 21 Standard “S-tines” with reversible & replaceable std. chisel points

Tractor Requirements:

30-60 Horsepower (HP)

Tire width no greater than 90″


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The Parma® Arena Groomer® is the best tool your arena will ever need. With one pass of the Parma® Arena Groomer®, your arena will be conditioned to your liking.

See the individual sizes and pages of the Arena Groomer® models for more general information regarding the specifics of each size and model of the Arena Groomer®.

The Parma® Arena Groomer® has 3 simple steps to preparing your arena for excellent use.

The s-tines unearth and plow the soil or arena material. The curvature of the s-tine allows for minimal top pressure as the s-tine works the arena – breaking or ripping up the arena material.

The adjustable smoothing bar levels all valleys or mounds created by the s-tines ripping through the material. It simply knocks down the high spots and fills in the low ones.
Last is the roller. Its function is to give the arena a smooth finish. It breaks apart clods and other large material while leaving a semi-compacted and “fluffed” surface. It is also adjustable for preferences in compaction in the arena.

With over 20 years of history, the Parma® Arena Groomer® is the most affordable tool for your arena without compromising a poor surface.

Coil Tine Options

  • Replaces S-tine with less aggressive, spring Coil Tine
  • Designed for Synthetic, Fiber, or Poly-Sand arenas

7/16″ Coil Tine – AG821

Coil Tine Options (replaces s-tines):

7/16″ Coil Tines Option (5530531) – ADD   $150.00

Roller Options

    • Replaces typical pipe roller with Solid or Expanded Metal Roller

Solid Roller – AG821

      • 10″ Solid Pipe Roller
      • Increases Compaction
      • Leaves smooth arena surface
      • Ability to fill with water to increase weight

Solid Roller Option (5530290) – (replaces pipe roller)

         ADD  $316.75

Swivel Hitch Option    **NEW**

  • Attaches to Front Bar of Arena Groomer® and tractor 3-point
  • Gain Articulating Action
  • Designed for tractor 3-point use only
  • Retrofits any existing unit
  • Less material build up in corners

3-Point Swivel Hitch Option (530555):

          ADD  $350.00

Part No: 530082

Model No: AG821

Model Type: 8 ft. – STANDARD

Overall W x L x H (in.): 96 x 85.5 x 40

Weight (lbs.): 800

Shipping Weight (lbs.): 885

Max Wheel Width (in.): 90

Suggested Horsepower (HP): 30-60

Rows of S-tines: 3 (standard)

Number of S-tines: 21

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes (Limited 1-Year)


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