Rigid Land Plane

Rigid Model

Land Plane

Features & Specs

Sizes Range From 12 to 24 feet in Width

Large Blade and Dirt Can for carrying capacity

Tractor Requirements:

7-8 HP per foot (i.e. 30ft x 8hp = 240HP)

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Optional Hyd. S-Tine Attachment

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The Parma® Rigid Land Plane comes in various sizes ranging from 12ft to 24ft.

All models are designed to hook up to the tractor’s 3-Point hitch and are “Quick Hitch” compatible. With its unique floating hitch mechanism the Parma Land Plane will operate independently of the uneven terrain of the tractor tires or can be easily locked down to provide a “fine tune” planing. The planing blade is strategically positioned far enough behind the tractor tires to prevent the excess soil pushing up into the tires.

The rear carrier wheels are adjustable and can be pushed out for wider stability or slide in for narrow road transport.

Some of the popular options include a rear adjustable S-tine attachment to rough up the soil behind the blade and dual trailing wheels for extra flotation and stability. Whether conditioning a precise seed bed for irrigated land or just requiring a smoother high-speed harvesting condition, the Parma® Rigid Land Plane can be a most effective tool to create an even planting surface.


•  CAT III standard, CAT II and IV available
•  Designed to allow tight turning radius


•  Adjustable from 10′ to 22′


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Roller Options

S-Tine Attachment


•  Hydraulically Controlled
•  Heavy Duty S-Tines with P

Dual Caster Wheels