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New Coil Tine Conversion Kits

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Converts any mini model size

(AG513, AG615, AG719, & AG821M)

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Tractor Requirements:

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A single 3/8 Diameter Size Coil Tine is best for Synthetic Arena Footings

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The Parma® Arena Groomer® is the best tool your arena will ever need. With one pass of the Parma® Arena Groomer®, your arena will be conditioned to your liking.

Now introducing the coil tine conversion kit specifically designed for the synthetic and fiber footings and equestrian arenas. The coil tine conversion kit converts any existing mini model.

We are introducing 2 new coil tines, 1/4″ diameter and 3/8″ diameter.  For synthetic or fiber footings, the 1/4″ Coil tine will leave a better finish on your arena, while the 3/8″ coil tine is for more aggressive poly-sands footings and arenas.

Arena Groomer® units. The “S-tines” seen on the normal units are meant for arenas and footings containing dirt, sand, stone dust, etc, which are meant for deeper footings and bases. The coil tines are designed for less aggressive digging and shallow footings. Typically, synthetic and fiber footings have shallow bases, thus the coil tines are perfect for arenas where minimal depth is required. The coil tines simply rake the surface with minimal surface area as to limit pulling or dragging the synthetic or fiber footing off the base like a carpet. However, the coil tines are still aggressive enough to help alleviate compaction and hardened areas in your arena.

See the individual sizes and pages of the Arena Groomer® models for more general information regarding the specifics of each size and model of the Arena Groomer®.

Conversion Kits for existing models (convert S-tines to Coil Tines)

1/4″ dia. Coil Tines

3/8″ dia. Coil Tines

Conversion Kits WITH TINE BARS for existing models

1/4″ dia. Coil Tines

3/8″ dia. Coil Tines

Coil Tines for New Units (replace S-tines with Coil Tines)

1/4″ dia. Coil Tines

3/8″ dia. Coil Tines

Overall Length (approx.):     See Specific Model Size

Compatible Models: AG513, AG615, AG719, & AG821M

Ships unassembled; Assembly Required

Coil Tines: 1/4″ Coil Tine – Part No. 530560

Length (approx.):       9 in.

Width (approx.):        3 in.

Coil Dia (approx.):     1/4 in.

3/8″ Coil Tine – Part no. 530561

Length (approx.):       9 in.

Width (approx.):        4 in.

Coil Dia (approx.):     3/8 in.


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