Forage Trailers

Forage Trailer

Features & Specs

  • Sizes range from 30 to 40 feet in length
  • Quick Unloading – 20-30 ft per minute depending on hydraulic oil availability
  • 14 & 12 Gauge Corrugated Walls
  • 34ft x 6ft wall Forage Trailer:
      • Weight = 15,800 lbs
      • 56.6 cu. yards struck(top rail)
      • 1,233 Bushels struck(top rail)

Available with New Axles, Wheels and Tires, Landing Gear, Tarp Kits, Blow-Over Panels

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The Parma Forage Trailer

The reintroduction of a manure spreader box to the Parma line of equipment in 1999, propelled Parma Company to expand into the forage truck mounted box and the semi-tractor pulled trailer. Since 2000 Parma Company has been building one of the toughest forage and commodity hauling units available. Truck mounted boxes range from 16 to 24 feet and trailer sizes are 30 to 40 foot.

Parma Forage boxes and trailers are designed with all welded, heavy-duty construction using 14ga and 12ga corrugated walls and solid welded 10ga floor plate. The flat bottom floors eliminate bridging of the material no matter the consistency. The double apron floor chain is made with heavy-duty TY78 “big barrel” riveted chain and welded 2 inch channel slats for years of worry free unloading.

Some of the standard features of the Parma Forage boxes and trailers are an industry-largest 2 3/8” drive shafts, with split poly bearings for economical and durable life. A simple front idler shaft mechanism uses durable poly sprockets on 1 15/16” shafts. Steel sprockets are available upon request. High torque hydraulic motors power the floor for fast and easy unloading. A wide 90 inch box body provides for a high capacity trailer made to last.

Each of these forage boxes and trailers are available with a simple top hinged swing gate or convenient double “barn style” doors that latch securely in the floor chain. Five or six foot wall heights, with optional extension panels, may be ordered to assist in over-the-side loading of manure, grain, sugar beets, or the many other commodities. Semi trailers are available with new axle undercarriages to maximize your hard earned dollar.


  • Semi-Pulled Trailers Sizes rage from 30 ft to 40ft in length
  • Truck Mounted Boxes Sizes range from 16 ft to 24ft

  • Heavy Duty Box Construction with all welded side panels and floor
  • 5ft or 6ft Corrugated Walls with 14 gauge (30ft to 34ft Trailers), 12 Gauge (36ft to 40ft)
  • Steel Lined Walls Available
  • 10 Gauge Thick floor plate
  • 90″ Inside Dimension
  • Mud Flaps for Truck
  • Tail Lights
  • Flat bottom live Floor eliminates bridging

Floor Chains & Drive Shafts

  • Floor Chain
    • Double Apron H78 Ty Chain
    • 1/4 x 1 1/4 Side rail with 1 inch OD barrel x 9/16 ID – 1/2 pin
    • 3/16 inch Channel Floor chain slats
    • Heavy Duty RC 80 Chain Drives
  • Drive Shafts
    • 2 -3/8″ Apron Drive shaft with heavy duty Polyurethane split bearings
    • 1 -15/16″ Front idler shafts with Poly Sprockets (Steel Sprockets Available)


  • Recommended Truck Hydraulic System – 30 to 40 GPM @ 3,000 PSI capability
  • Steel Hydraulic lines with tractor Quick Disconnect couplers
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic apron drives (Dual Motors on common shaft)

Add Ons & Options

  • New or Recap Tires
  • Available with new Slider Axles for durability and adjust-ability
  • Barn Style rear doors with closures
  • Simple Top hinged Swing out Gates that latch in floor chain for secure yet simple operation
  • Mounting Components (Truck Mounted Boxes)
  • 2/3 Fixed top or Tarp Covers available
  • Landing Legs with Dual shift Gearbox (Semi Trailers)
  • 3/8 Poly Floor Liner


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