The reintroduction of a manure spreader box to the Parma line of equipment in 1999, propelled Parma Company to expand into the forage truck mounted box and the semi-tractor pulled trailer. Since 2000 Parma Company has been building one of the toughest forage and commodity hauling units available. Truck mounted boxes range from 16 to 24 feet and trailer sizes are 30 to 40 foot.

In 2000, Parma Company expanded its line of durable farm equipment with the acquisition of the Dirks (formally Tycrop) “Supera” manure spreader. This acquisition returned to the Parma® line a farm box product missing since the mid 70’s that had existed since the 1940’s. This multi-use combination box is a heavy duty manure spreader that can be simply converted to a forage box for year around usage.

32 FT Side Dump Trailer