Tongue & Ratchet-jack


Tongue & Ratchet-jack

Features & Specs

Option for NON 3-point hookup

Pull with ATV/UTV or tractor drawbar

HP Requirements:

See individual unit sizes for specifications

Includes ratchet-jack, which replaces function of top link on tractor 3-point

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The Parma® Arena Groomer® is the best tool your arena will ever need. With one pass of the Parma® Arena Groomer®, your arena will be conditioned to your liking.

The tongue and ratchet-jack option provides the way to pull the Parma® Arena Groomer® with an ATV, UTV, or the tractors drawbar. The tongue and ratchet-jack was designed for those individuals who do not have access to a tractor with a 3-point attachment. The ratchet-jack replaces the the function of the top link of 3-point hitch. By lengthening or shortening the ratchet-jack, it raises or lowers the tine bars.

The tongue option also allows for better articulating action while turning. This can be helpful in alleviating material buildup in the corners of your arena.

Part No: 530190

Model No: –

Model Type: Option

Overall W x L x H (in.): 28 x 36 x 3

Weight (lbs.): 55

Shipping Weight (lbs.): 55

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes (Limited 1-Year)


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